Planning my week – online free printable planners

Erin Condren and Emily Ley are two names synonymous with beautiful paper-based planners. Their works ooze beauty, preparedness and confidence in life. But as of yet I still haven’t made the (not so small) investment to bejewel my desk with a piece of their art.

I’m still ever so slightly old school. With a slight foray into the 2000s hooked up to a shared online google diary that I’m supposed to use for my audio work. That said, I royally managed to balls that up over Christmas somehow, so I don’t know why I even bother.

Give me a family wall calendar for my kitchen that I refer to hourly and my trusty hard backed notepad and that’s been the extent of my self-organisation recently. That super reliable method could explain why I double booked friends and family to visit us in Germany last month. And then realised just hours before I thought I was due at the airport.

Epic. Fail.


So I’m working at being better. I‘m actually attempting to be me circa 2010 again. You know, when I had a fully functioning brain and any sleep deprivation was alcohol induced, rather than from constant bed-hopping to calm screaming children in the middle of the night.

I scoured the internet for free printable planners. And came up with some absolute beauties, but none worked exactly for my needs, goals, intentions and resolutions for the new year. So I drafted my own.


It works on a week-by-week basis and allows me to identify at a glance;

  • My meals planned for the week and subsequent shopping list
  • What I need to do that week
  • What I need to buy
  • My blog plan and ideas
  • Any audio work that’s come in and deadlines
  • Birthdays during that week to remind me to buy and send cards and presents
  • How many days I’ve worn my glasses (my Optometrist has insisted I step up the speccy 4-eyes look more often than once a year), how much water I’ve drunk per day (the aim is +1.5 litres) and whether I’ve exercised (I have an aim of at least 2 miles, 5 days of the week)


It lacks space for my Post Partum Doula certification and clients so I need to tweak it slightly. I’m nearly at the end of week 1 and I’m happy with how it’s worked for me so far.

That said, I’m sorely tempted by one of the delicious yet expensivo Planners. I’m absolutely certain they’d transform my life but I feel I need to try this el cheapo method a while longer.

Here are some of the free printables I came across in my search for your handy reference:

Sunday Planning – all the planners; weekly, blog and meal. These are amazing.

Wishing you a planned and prepared 2016!