#NationalObesityWeek 2016 – do something good for janUary

Both Amy and I had our health in mind when we set our resolutions for this year.

As we are getting on a bit, and we endeavour to set examples for our children, we’ve both become a lot more health conscious in the past few years. I like to run and I’ve started to drink a lot more water every day. And Amy is taking measures to reduce her sugar intake. We both love cakes so it’s a hard slog for us.

We’re far more aware of how what we eat affects our bodies and our general mental well-being and we try to make healthy choices more often than not. Well, at least until the wine’s cracked open and then all bets are most definitely off!

This week is National Obesity Week and the folk behind the campaign are urging us to do something good for u. 

They’re asking the UK to join them in a national New Year’s resolution to help improve the nation’s health. Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding snacks, or being a little more physically active.

Check out these infographics. They’re more than a little frightening.  Especially because toast, juice and coffee is a pretty average daily British breakfast.

National_Obesity_Week 1
Image c/o http://www.jan-u-ary.co.uk/eat-right/
National_Obesity_week 3
Image c/o http://www.jan-u-ary.co.uk/eat-right/
National_Obesity_Week 2
Image c/o http://www.jan-u-ary.co.uk/eat-right/

Did you know that 1 in 4 adults in the UK is obese and figures suggest that almost 20% of children leaving Primary School at 11 are too?

That’s shocking to anyone’s mind but the National Obesity Forum understands that there is not enough support to those in need. That is why a key concern of this week is to raise awareness of the options and support that are available for people who need to lose a large amount to reach a healthy weight.

Take a look at their website. It’s full of useful facts, relevant information and great downloads. I particularly love the Sugar Reduction Challenge and the Sugar Smart app that allows you to scan food packaging at home and shows you the number of sugar cubes in everyday food and drink.

What will you pledge to do for u this week?