5 things I’ve learnt about myself in the past year

I can take myself back to 14th January 2015 like it was yesterday. We’d just moved to a new part of Germany. I had approximately 0 friends. And so I took myself to the local bakery and celebrated with a large slice of  cake and a bigger coffee. All by myself. Well with Joe in tow.

This year to celebrate, I made myself a beautiful home office or “Mum’s Room“. After these photos were taken, it was covered in plastic cars and a load of art stuff. But it was all mine for about 15 minutes.


In real terms, it’s been a hugely uneventful year compared to other recent ones. But that’s not a bad thing. As a period of introspection, it’s been monumental and pretty enlightening.

What have I learnt?

I have found my Work at Home Mum niche at last. It’s taken since I left Adecco in 2010 to find something that I love, enjoy and value as well as makes me money.  I seem to have a talent in my voice. Audio books, radio ads, corporate campaigns, YouTube videos are my thing. I literally get paid for talking into a microphone at home in my comfy clothes. I’ve also taken on my first Post Partum Doula client which I’m super excited about as well.


I need stress in my life to be efficient and motivated. I absolutely work best under pressure. Be that cleaning the house or juggling the children, paid opportunities and no husband around to help. Give me a deadline and I’ll deliver. Tell me to take my time and I procrastinate like a boss.

I really miss my husband when he’s not here. And genuinely not for the help around the house or the break he gives me from looking after the kids all day. I miss his friendship, his sense of humour and his company. We’ve been apart now for 4 months and fingers crossed we’ll all be back together again by Easter. I don’t miss ironing his shirts or picking up all his crap. I know that’s really going to irritate the hell out of me when he gets back.


I really appreciate my friendships. All of them. I count myself incredibly lucky that I’ve picked up a solid group of (mainly) girls across the last 30 or so years. At Christmas I was so lucky to catch up with a few people I literally hadn’t seen in years. I still count them as good friends and I came away from my time with them feeling brilliant, energized and on top of the world. That’s what a good friend is to me. They each gave me food for thought for the upcoming year as well as making me laugh until I nearly wet myself!

I really have no interest in learning German. Yes it’s totally embarrassing that by the time we leave here, I’ll have lived nearly 1/4 of my life in Germany. But it’s really hard. And I don’t understand the grammar. Vocab I have down. All the important stuff is memorised in indelible ink. Kaffee, kuchen, bier und wein. Oh and Der Geschirrspüler ist gebrochen (the dishwasher is broken).

Instead of eating cake alone this year, I’ll be celebrating my day with my friends, some Zumba and smoothies! Yay. Happy birthday me!