Woman’s Hour has changed my life

I put a shout out on Facebook in the middle of last year because I’d started to run regularly again and I thought that podcasts would be the way to go to keep me entertained across the trails.

Little did I know that from that innocent request, I’d be hooked six months later.
I mainly listen now during the millions of weekly miles that I drive. Until Joe starts crying then we put the wheels on the bus on repeat for 10 minutes.


Woman’s Hour is a daily radio programme on Radio 4 that was first broadcast on 7th October 1946. It turns 70 this year. It was designed to meet the needs of busy listeners with a “daily programme of music, advice and entertainment for the home” and ironically, was first presented by a man. He lasted 3 months.

The initial idea was born because it was felt by some men at the BBC, that at 2pm a woman would be at home, washing the dishes after lunch, and would want a little light entertainment whilst doing so. I’m not lying, but we are talking 70 years ago.

The programme has evolved massively since then to reflect the interests of its listeners. Woman of all ages and at all stages of their lives.

So far this year I have listened to topics this ranging massively in appeal and spectrum and my favourites have been:

  • The impact of moving to the UK as a young woman
  • Stillbirth
  • Women poised to impact global events over the next twelve months
  • If fussy eaters are born or created
  • Bisexuality
  • Falling in love with a much older person
  • The feminist response to the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne
  • What it’s like being a woman in the forces
  • How far would you go if you suspect your friend’s husband is cheating?
  • Japan’s professional cleaner Marie Kondo
  • A woman’s decision to step down as Director of the civil rights organisation Liberty

and I learn so much. I’m wholly addicted.

As melodramatic as it sounds it really has changed my life. . These days I know a little about a lot. I find out about about stuff that I never knew that I was interested in, as well as more about topics that have always fascinated me.

Please listen for yourself. I absolutely promise you that you’ll fall in love with Jane Garvey, one of the presenters, as much as I have and enjoy every second!