5 general top tips when applying for a new job

I worked in recruitment for nearly 10 years in the UK before I packed it all in and became a Military wife.

I loved it. Like absolutely loved it. I ate, breathed and slept it. Literally. That’s why I didn’t meet my husband until I was pretty damn old and had been to way too many weddings alone!

I know that Recruitment Consultants are just about a step up from Estate Agents, but the work hard, play hard culture was right up my street and not only were my CV skills honed, but I was an expert in sinking two bottles of wine most nights and waking up hangoverless the next day. Can you even imagine that now?

Since then, I’ve helped a fair few friends with their CVs and application forms, and I still get a bit of a buzz when I see a Job Description and Person Specification.


These 5 bullet points are suggestions that I find myself repeating again and again. So I thought that they might be helpful.

  • Have a generic CV that you work from but tailor it for every job. Use the job description and person spec that the potential employer provides, and make sure that you have explicitly acknowledged every skill that they specify and require
  • Following on from the above, never assume. Just because you write that you have performed administration, don’t presume that the person sifting the CVs will extrapolate data entry, telephone handling and filing from that. If they specify that those are the required tasks, make sure that you clearly include them
  • Don’t lie about your work history. That should be obvious but it happens all the time. You will be caught out. You will
  • Follow my short story, good story mantra. Keep it bulleted, concise and to the point
  • Refer to this list of power verbs to strengthen your application and whatever you do, don’t use these

I really hope that 2016 is your year. Good luck!