Silence is golden. Or pink in this case #MagicEraser

You know when it’s just too quiet in the house?

And you ignore the blatant silent warning signs and carry on drinking your Sunday morning coffee.

But then after 10 minutes you decide to go and investigate. Which you know in your heart of hearts is 9 minutes 50 seconds too late.

And you find this


and this


and this


and this

This brand new cushion was delivered just 3 days ago

and you want to scream?

So instead I sent the photos to my husband who is approximately 1 million miles away. He called immediately because he doubted that our 4 year old daughter was still alive. She has form for this kind of artwork. But no. It wasn’t her. It was Joseph. Joe. Joey.

The first time he used a felt tip, a barely legible because it’s so washable marker, was last Wednesday on his 2nd birthday. And now this? Seriously?

So I raided my stash of cleaning stuff and in a pique of organisation, once, a long time ago, I bought a box of Magic Erasers. With a bit of elbow grease, it got rid of all of it. Even the marks on the cushion.

I sat on my bed feeling really smug, looked around and well, what do you know? There was pink highlighter everywhere. Across all 4 walls, the door and the floor. But it all came out thank God, after what felt like an hour of scrubbing.

If you you’ve never seen one. Flash makes them and they look like this

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.43.25 PM

Stick a box in your shopping this week. You will definitely thank me!