New year resolution update – the January edit


Ok, so January’s been and gone. That was quick. 8.33% of 2016 is already down and I’m still writing 2015 on paperwork.

Read a self-development book. Well I’m on page 35. That’s a start right?

Finish my PPD certification. I’ve tasked myself with an action per week on it and so far I’ve got 4 ticks in the box. Wa hey.

Run more. I set myself the lofty goal of 40 miles per month and at the end of January I’ve done 25.5 miles. Compared to January 2015’s 0 I’d say that was a win.

Costume change: This is what I look like every night after putting the children to bed.

I also added:

  • HIIT. To tone me up – yep, done. But rather than tone, it just serves to hurt me. I’m doing a program called Ruthless. And it’s just that
  • Drink 2 litres of water per day. And bar one day where I thought I was going to die of exhaustion and necked coffee all day, I’ve stuck to that
  • Dry January. Well I had 2 beers with a curry on my birthday, but no wine, cocktails or spirits. And that’s not a lie. That’s a win too I reckon
  • Lipstick. A bright lip every day means that the dark circles get far less attention
  • Meal Plan – yes done and I’ve shopped my pantry and freezer a lot too
  • Follow a daily to-do list and get everything sorted the night before e.g. kids clothes, lunches, bags packed – yep done that too and it feels so less stressful in the morning
  • Empty the dishwasher before I go to bed – the best feeling in the world is not having to do that chore while waiting for my coffee to brew after another night of minimal sleep

It looks like a lot written down but just with these small, yet efficient changes, I’m feeling less stressed with the day to day stay/work-at-home-mum grind.

So far, 2016 you’ve been great!