Looking after our babies hearts

Did you know that:

As many as 1 in every 125 babies in the UK has a congenital heart defect.

Only one third of major heart defects are spotted during pregnancy, and another third are picked up in standard newborn hospital tests.

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National Heart Week is next week.

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Tiny Tickers is a small national charity aims to improve the detection, care and treatment of congenital heart disease (CHD) in babies. It provides specialist equipment to healthcare providers but also supports families throughout a diagnosis.

In addition, it aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of infant CHD.

Tiny Tickers sent us this thorough checklist for parents to read and remember:

  • Heart rate: too fast or slow? (normally 100 to 160 beats per minute)
  • Energy & Feeding: sleepy, quiet, floppy, too tired to feed or falling asleep during feeds?
  • Appearance: a pale, waxy, dusky, blue, purple, mottled or grey colour may mean that not enough oxygenated, red blood is getting to the body (normal oxygen saturations are 95-100%)
  • Respiration: breathing too fast or slow? (normally 40-60 breaths per minute)
  • Temperature: cold to touch – particularly hands and feet?


Please consider visiting their website and donating a £ or two this National Heart Week.

  • £100 – Provides specialist on-site training for a Sonographer to be able to detect heart problems during a pregnancy scan
  • £500 – Lets them put information about heart conditions in 850 baby clinics and GP surgeries
  • £2,500Produces a training video into one of the most common forms of heart defect for Sonographers to refer to during scans