Tough mum times

I know that I’ve moaned a lot about my car problems since the start of this deployment. All 57,856 of them.

But what I haven’t really touched on is all of the doctor, specialist and hospital appointments that we’ve had. All 57,857 of them. Well that’s how it feels anyway.

For all intents and purposes, both children are fit and healthy. But we’ve had some major issues that have reared their very ugly heads since James left and it’s been pretty damn tough dealing with it all by myself. Nothing life threatening, nothing terribly serious and absolutely nothing insurmountable. We hope. But all together, one after the other being uncovered, it’s just been exhausting.


Joe, at 2 years old didn’t have the requisite 50 words in his vocab that the doctors here demand. I could have lied about it. I could have not gone to his 2-year well baby check, in fact James said that he was surprised that I did. But for all of the bitching and moaning I do about the parameters and boundaries that the Paeds here enforce, I’m still a rule follower.

Long story short, our sweet baby boy has significant hearing loss. We found this out after being referred to the early stages of speech therapy. Every time I think about it, it makes me want to cry. The ENT specialist said that it’s highly likely that he can’t make out individual syllables in words and is hearing everything like he has his hand pressed tightly against his ears.

That just makes the 20 or so words that he does have even more impressive. And the fact that he randomly just started counting to 10 on Friday night even more of an accolade. I have it on video and naturally have watched it again and again and again.


His innocence and lack of understanding just breaks my heart. My beautiful Joe. He’s such a sweet, happy, independent little boy. He spends hours with his cars, loves long walks and anything that plays music. He must barely hear most of his toys but he still presses the buttons continuously to keep them playing their songs and has taken to screaming in protest when I turn the bloody annoying Zootopia audio book off in the car.

Among other things, Emmie too has hearing loss and some other ENT issues. So they’re both going to have 3 procedures performed each. Together! A week or so before James is set to return. So that’s another thing I have do without my husband. The pre-op, operations and recovery. But Joe is my absolute priority and I need him to hear like an average toddler.  Logistically it’s a nightmare. But I have a plan of sorts. And some amazing friends that have offered all kinds of support. Bearing in mind that the longest I’ve known any of them is just over a year, it goes to show just how close and familial the military community can be.

I’ve asked for good wishes and prayers (if that’s your thing) before. Send me some more if you get the chance.