You make me happy when skies are grey

And the skies have been grey here since October!

In amongst all of the stress of the past few weeks I managed to get a night out last week.

Now to put this into perspective, we live in the back of beyond and then some. Our nearest BIG city is Luxembourg City and that’s a country away. There are other ones slightly closer but for culture, life and real civilisation, we have to cross borders.

So when I say I went out, I was back by 10.10pm and had drunk 2 glasses of wine. Possibly 2.5. But that’s ok. I can’t handle my drink anymore at all and even that teensy-weensy amount meant that my sleep was utterly disturbed and lacking in any type of quality.

I accidentally bought some treggings in preparation for said night. When I say accidentally, I mean that I meant to buy them, but hadn’t realised that that’s what they were labelled. I just thought I’d bought some super skinny coated black jeans.

02-16 You_make_happy_when_skies_are_grey 1

I have always scoffed at the hypothetical person that buys treggings. I mean, wth is up with that name?! But look at them. Really LOOK at them. They are nothing short of magic and I am in love.

I really wanted these pleather trousers but felt that they were just one step too far for my parenting needs lifestyle. I’d bought this blouse from Zara a few weeks or so ago and my mum gave me this grey clutch when she came to visit as a “your life is rubbish right now, you need a wholly unnecessary but quite beautiful” present.

02-16 you_make_me_happy_when_skies_are_grey 2

 Superstretch black coated treggings || Roll neck blouse ||  Grey clutch bag

Black boots (similar)

I’ve recently aquired these happy-inducing purchases too. I love this super thick striped top from H&M. It is longer at the back with side zips. Size down. I had to get the XS. And this phenomenally beautiful, grey Hudson Tote from Stella & Dot.

02-16 You_make_happy_when_skies_are_grey 3.png

Zip striped top || Hudson tote