7 night time habits that make my mornings so much easier

I used to be a morning person. When I got 7 hours of blissful, quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Remember those days? No me neither.

10 years ago I’d be on the 6am train from Bristol Parkway to London Paddington most mornings. I had every second accounted for, and it took me just 30 minutes to get ready. That included hair washed and blow dried every day. Can you even imagine? I worship at the alter of the dry shampoo now.

Because I use my precious evening hours to work and work out, I’ve started staying up later and later. I was always a strictly 10pm bedtime girl. But after talking into a microphone or writing, then jumping up and down in the basement or running on the utterly boring treadmill, I’m just unwinding at 10pm these days.

So as a result, I’m a beast in the morning when my alarm goes off at 6am. I just can’t talk, think straight or function until I sip the glorious drops of my first coffee of the day.

I need a night time plan to make everything as smooth as possible. And I’ve got it licked:

  1. Do a post dinner quick clean and tidy of downstairs. This makes me feel clean, tidy and uncluttered
  2. Put a load of washing on so that I can put it on to dry first thing in the morning
  3. Empty the dishwasher. Not having to do this at 6.15am is the best present ever!
  4. Get mine, Joe’s and Emmie’s clothes ready and laid out
  5. Get the plates/cups and breakfast stuff out so it can just be thrown together in the morning. This includes my frozen green smoothie stuff. I let it defrost over night. I check the coffee machine for water and take the empty pads out. I even set my vitamins out
  6. Everything that needs to leave the house in the morning is put by the front door except the packed lunches
  7. I write up my to do list for the following day, cross referencing it with my planner and calendarIMG_0248.JPG

You’d be surprised how much time all of this saves when you’re not fully mentally operational.

I often fail and those are the mornings I lose my s*it before we’ve even left the house.

Help me! What do you do that I can add to my list?