Ovarian cancer awareness month – a must read for ALL women

I’m at that age. Amy’s getting to that age. That age where cancer becomes a far more common peer concern.

But it’s still one of those things that we don’t think too much about, until it touches you or someone close to you.

March 2016 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and this year research charity Ovarian Cancer Action has chosen the theme Speak Up, Listen Up!

Tell me that you know some of the symptoms? Tell me that you know what to look out for? If you don’t, I’m speaking up to tell you to change that immediately because Ovarian Cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer with more than 7,000 diagnoses in the UK each year.

The UK has one of the lowest survival rates in Western Europe, with a woman dying from ovarian cancer every two hours, resulting in 4,300 deaths annually.

Digest those numbers and then I need you to listen up.

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Ovarian Cancer Action says that one of the reasons for the poor survival rate in the UK is that the disease is often spotted too late. So they’ve developed a symptoms diary to help record your information to present to your Doctor.

Take a look at the Apple app or Android app

For more information take a look at ovarian.org.uk