Quick and easy dinner #4 – chicken quinoa bowl

“Mum can I have some of yours?”

In the complete knowledge that I am going to sound like a Smuggy Von Smuggerson, this is what Emmie said when she saw this dinner. And she and Joe had pizza. Cheesy, gooey, delicious pizza.

Without going into über boring detail, the adults in our household have had to embark on a more clean eating lifestyle for medicinal purposes. When I say “more” clean eating, what I actually mean is that we have a long list of about 5 things that can be eaten.

Mum can I have some of yours 2

So day #1. I excelled. A quick and easy quinoa bowl. My friend Lara from Style in Larsville does a wonderful job in instagramming her quinoa bowl lunches, so I thought I’d channel her and her inspiration.

The quinoa takes 15 minutes max to cook, so let’s say that this took 20 minutes from start to finish.

I boiled the quinoa in chicken stock. Busted out a rotisserie chicken from the fridge and added a Greengrocer’s worth of veg.

Mum can I have some of yours 1

I finely chopped lamb’s lettuce, tomato, broccoli, chicory, mushrooms fried in coconut oil, celery, cucumber, radishes, coriander, carrots and pine nuts. Chucked the quinoa in a bowl, added the veg, topped with chicken and then dressed with half a lemon juiced, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. So simple. And pretty damn nutritious.

If we could have, I’d have added some feta as well but cheese is well and truly  off the menu for the time being.

Enjoy it. It’s super simple, quicker than an oven pizza and very wholesome!