Busy procrastination is the name of my game today..

Our alarm went off at 5am this morning. On a Monday. I rolled right back over and let James get up to get his exercise on. Fast forward to two hours later and I could still barely peel myself out from under the sheets.

So I dressed like this. With a definite view to getting hot and sweaty at some point in the day.

Procrastination 1

It’s now 3pm. I’ve cleaned the bathroom and downstairs loo, swept every single room on the ground floor, washed and dried 2 loads of laundry, done the supermarket shop for the week and completed the school run.

I decided that today was the day that I’d search for the Easter baskets and decorations. That’s the American/German influence on the celebration. So, thinking I knew where they were in the attic box room, I moved everything out only to not find them. Instead, I utterly sorted and overhauled the room which resulted in advertising and already selling some of our baby gear.

Procrastination 2
The end result – everything that needs to go
Procrastination 3
The newly tidied room

I then went to the basement and the first box I looked in had the buckets. I could have saved myself approximately 2.5 hours had I have looked there first.

Easter buckets
The bloomin’ buckets

But have I worked out yet? Hell to the no.

I did make some salsa and ate a whole load of chia and quinoa chips.

Procrastination 4

James keeps asking me when I’m going to do it which is ever so slightly grating on my nerves. I don’t know. Later maybe..?