5 things I’m just not loving right now

grey day

I’ve got so many more but I scaled it back for the purposes of this post. And the colours of the photos are so dull too so truly reflect my mood!

The weather
It’s just so dull, grey and meh here at the moment. It’s cold. It’s supposed to be spring. But apart from the few snowdrops in the garden, you’d never know. I’m utterly freezing all the time and am still using my electric blanket most nights. I just want the sun to shine and the temperature to rise by about 10 degrees (celcius).

grey day

The realization that the clocks go forward on Easter Sunday
I’ve known forever that the clocks go forward on Easter Sunday but it has just hit me what that really means. We have to all get up, dressed and ready for what should really be 8am for church on Sunday. What is that all about? Do you think God’ll mind if I just don’t bother?

My grey hair
Seriously. I found a rug of grey on either side of my head last week. I screamed in sheer panic. It was immense. No one had told me. $8 and a box of dye later and you’d never know. Unless you’re my friend and you read this. Now you do and if you look closely my hair is ever so slightly lighter.

Hair dye

A 5-year old with a 6 month countdown to her 5th birthday
This is seriously doing my head in. Every day we have to talk about the party, the invites, how many friends’ birthdays are first, the theme and the cake. It’s not ’til the end of September. I’m seriously questioning whether to just change the date and get it over with.

Stinky breath as a result of adenoidectomies
Both children had their adenoids removed last week. Back in the ’80s we had them scraped away. These days they’re burnt back. So my children smell of rotting, burnt flesh. Literally. It is vile and seems not to be going away any time soon.


Now that was a cheery list wasn’t it? At least Monday’s over!