Moving on through March

I can’t believe that a quarter of the year has gone already. <<As an aside, did you know that it’s really normal for Americans to say one fourth instead of one quarter? That still tickles me!>>. When I worked, spring was my favourite time of the year. Four Bank Holidays laid out for sunny days of all-day pinot drinking, and it also signaled the start of the warmer weather and longer days.

This year it’s bloody freezing and so wet still. Daylight savings just means screaming at bedtime; from the children obviously, but some nights I want to join in too. Living the American dream means we have just the one Federal holiday, and that’s not until the end of May. No long Easter weekend for us.

So my catch up on things I’ve changed/maintained:

  • I’ve succumbed and now have a cleaner every few weeks. It’s made all the difference and also makes me feel very grown up
  • I’ve been rising with the lark and working out before 6am most days with James. We then get to eat breakfast together before the children get up and it’s fast becoming the best part of my day
  • My water consumption’s been pretty consistent at around 2 litres daily, but my coffee habit has slowly increased again. Mainly because of our very early starts
  • We’ve been choosing vegetarian over meat most week days and I can definitely feel the physical difference
  • I’ve re-embraced the German mantra of “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” and been out walking/tree watching with Joseph during the day
  • I’ve gone back to the Serial podcast and started listening to the second series
  • In order to keep up with American news and politics, I subscribed to Skimm a while back and it’s a good, simple way to make myself aware of what’s going on
  • I finished the 5 love languages so I’m now on to my next self-improvement tome

What I haven’t done is anything towards my Post Partum Doula Cert. At all. But I have chosen to voluntarily support a lot of lactation clients. Way more than I normally would. So in my head, that kind of counts!

We’ve got a couple of breaks in April to spend some family time together. One of which is to the most amazing Dutch Center Parcs. I’m very excited. It has a ski slope. Not that I ski or anything. But I could if I did and I wanted to!