My style – date night

Date night is such a horrible phrase. But I really don’t know what else to call it.

In an effort to prioritise each other a bit more, James and I have managed to set aside a night each week where we get out of the house, drive the million miles it takes us to get to civilisation and have dinner.

I like it for multiple reasons:

  • I get to wear nice clothes and put make up on
  • We can properly talk with no interruptions and pretend that we’re not parents for a couple of hours
  • We get to try out all of the local restaurants. Last night was Tapas
Joe and I had been in Trier earlier in the day. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s reported to be Germany’s oldest city and is beautiful. We were there for an Optometrist appointment but I conveniently, just about managed to squeeze in a Mango/Zara/H&M run.
H&M won the day and I picked up a few bits including this short sleeved green blouse. I adore the colour. Interestingly, I’d gone specifically to get a few yellow tops but unless mustard is your colour, there’s basically nothing around.


Date Night


H&M green blouse | Zara cropped jeans | Denim jacket (similar) | Dune tan suede boots (similar) | Stella & Dot bracelet | Stella & Dot earrings

And here’s me in the outfit above. Minus the denim jacket. That was a last minute addition when I got outside and it was freezing, despite the late sunshine.


That thing that looks very much like a poo between my legs, is a purple cushion!

I had fun. Even if we were home and in bed by 9pm. We’re totally rock n’roll these days.

As an aside – my life right now as I type, is so far removed from anything like last night. I’ve been simultaneously typing and blowing bubbles. If that isn’t a CV skill, then I don’t know what is..