Sleepless in Seattle

When this is the view from your rented front porch, why waste your time sleeping? Mount Rainier, an active volcano and the highest mountain in Washington state.

This summer we took a 3-week long trip to the United States with 3 days bolted on the end in England to visit family. Because our end goal, Anchorage, Alaska, is such a blooming long way from anywhere, we decided that Seattle would be a good place to stop, catch our breath and overcome the inevitable jetlag, before we made the further 4 hour trek further north.

And it was phenomenal. We stayed here. In an AirBnB. This one in fact.

The apartment was in West Seattle, a really old (in American terms) neighbourhood that was full of cool restaurants and cafes. There were playgrounds that were made for the sole purpose of being the perfect day out, yoga, pilates and TRX studios as far as the eye could see, as well as tiny pavement allotments doted all over the place.


It was right up our street and we wanted to stay forever.

If that wasn’t enough, downtown Seattle itself is pretty impressive. The right mix of food, architecture, arts and culture. Because of a flight change, we just had 2 days there and it wasn’t enough to even skim the surface or do it justice. As you can tell from the blue skies, the weather was perfect and we fell in love from start to finish.

Basically we did 2 things; spent a lot of time at Pike Place Market and took a Duck Tour. In between, we drank a lot of coffee, Seattle is the home of Starbucks, and watched the children play at every single playground that we stumbled across.

Pike Place was established in 1907 and across 9 acres, there are more than 200 food shops and 80 restaurants. All the shops sell produce that is locally made or grown; a strict stipulation of the market and the choice is phenomenal. So much so that it was utterly overwhelming and Emmie chose a nectarine and I got a crab salad. Hardly inspired. But they were both delicious!


We walked around the Space Needle, saw the houseboat that Tom Hanks lived in from Sleepless in Seattle, spied Google’s offices, got caught up in an anti-circumcision protest, found the best splash pad ever and went to the Children’s Museum . We also had a wonderful time catching up with our military friends who we haven’t seen since they moved there from Germany.

We’re planning a trip back as soon as is humanly possible. In my mind, it might even be a possible move!