A quick update on life

Well it currently sucks balls! In a fit of delayed spring cleaning I was gutting Emmie’s bedroom on Tuesday. Going through everything and basically putting it all in the chuck pile. She contested the removal of the 347 stuffed toys, so I compromised by putting them away on top of the wardrobe and in my super quick “up, down, up, down” movement using a chair for height, I landed badly and sprained my ankle.


It really hurts and the highlight, which was actually a real lowlight, was navigating a wheelchair all around a German ER department super late at night. I ended up with a bandage. A sodding bandage. I needed crutches because I couldn’t even walk!

And then there’s the no running or exercising that I have to now deal with for a while. My Fitbit’s going to combust through lack of activity.

Emmie didn’t get into the base preschool. She’ll be 5 in a few weeks and that totally sucks too because all her British buddies start Reception this week. They have about 3 places for 300 people and unless you are in dire need, then the computer says no, no, no. So she has yet another year of being at home with me with a few hours at a private pre-school, half an hour from my house. I’ve started to homeschool lite which is being rewarded with 25¢ each time she completes a 15 minute session. Yep, I’m already negotiating through the medium of money and I’m not afraid to admit it!


Joseph started his speech therapy sessions this week. That’s an hour round trip for 60 minutes worth of him effectively not cooperating (he is his father’s son). Totally sucksville. My life is a basically spent driving my obscenely massive American car around all of the teeny tiny German roads to then have him miserable for the rest of the day. Such fun.

But good things that have happened this week include (mostly food related!):

  • German Netto has Fred Ferkels which are identical to, but better than, Percy Pigs
  • All the Zootopia birthday party stuff arrived in the mail so the as yet, unplanned party is good to go!
  • We spent an amazing weekend in Bavaria and hit Playmobil FunPark which is the best place ever for young children. Even if it was 35ºC!
  • I went out with my friends for a beer and curry and got a whole evening off from being a mum
  • My package of RXBAR protein bars arrived at last in the mail

And that’s it. I hope my woes serve to make you feel better about your life! That said, I am fully aware that they’re all very much 1st world problems. It really isn’t that bad!