5 things I’m loving right now



skinnytaste.com A veritable feast for the eyes which hopefully translates into a taste bud sensation. I made this slow cooker butternut squash soup on one of our busy days and it was a hit (after I added some chopped bacon and served with rolls slathered in french butter!)


NARS radiant creamy concealer. I’ve been upping the water, keeping my iron levels maintained and trying to get sufficient sleep but still the dark circles persist. So I broke down and asked my make up artist friend exactly what I needed and she responded with these 4 words NARS radiant creamy concealer. They haven’t disappeared but they’ve definitely hidden enough to look fairly normal.


My new noticeboard system. A Pinterest design and purchase naturally, but I love it. Even when I mess it up and actually add notes and paper to it!

5_things_i'm_loving_7Grey over the knee boots. Grey AND over the knee. M&S has excelled themselves this winter with their footwear. I’ve only worn them once so far but I’m in love. Do as I do and wait til they have a 25% day and then buy. No one needs to pay full price. Ever.



Manduca extend. I wore Joseph in a baby carrier from day 1. First in a Moby then graduating to our German Manduca soft structured carrier. Recently our baby wearing days had come to an end until I borrowed a friends Toddler Tula to take to Riga. I wanted to love it because I was fully prepared to throw down a lot of money and buy it off her. Instead I utterly hated it. The Tula just didn’t fit my frame at all and I was gutted. We travel so much that carrying Joe is preferable to lugging a buggy around with us. So I googled in the hope that Manduca had finally entered the toddler market. And they have, by means of an extension pocket to add to the baby carrier. And it was only 26 euros. Utter bargain. Naturally I pressed purchase without hesitation and now I am the proud owner of a carrier suitable for a 3-year old!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m off to Oktoberfest. Prost!