A little grey, black and white Pinterest-inspired style

For the past few years navy blue has basically been the only colour I’ve worn. Navy breton tops, navy jeans, navy jumpers. You name it, I’ve navy’d it.

But this year I’ve kind of headed back to black. And grey and white. I’ve got all of the basics but they’re all a bit wrong for this year. Mainly the wrong size. Tops are too big and bottoms too small. I’ve had to size up in jeans because of my legs which, if you know me, is absolutely horrifying. But the extra room just feels so much better and doesn’t stretch and tug so much.

I turned to Pinterest to get some sartorial inspiration for my new 2016 colour-way look. Most of us are Pinterest aficionados. But after you pin, what do you then normally do? Me? Not much. I’ve pinned outfits every season for years but this Autumn, I thought I’d actually have a go at recreating the looks.

Here’s how I did:

I’ve wanted a scarf like this in forever and never found the right one. H&M came up trumps this year and I absolutely adore it.

Pinterest Pin

scarf  |  winter white jumper

This was a surprising winner because it had huge potential to be an epic fail. Leggings in public? Nope. Boots with round toes from before the turn of this decade. Hmmm, nope. But I really liked it and it was comfy and cosy.

Pinterest Pin

All of these pieces are things I’ve had for years, except the fleece-lined leggings and they were a Lidl bargain a few weeks ago! In the case of the boots, 8 years or more, so I found similar here…

 boots | leggings | grey cardigan | white tee | scarf

Bretons have been my staple for the last couple of years. But recently I’ve been shedding them as fast as my sister normally sheds her hair. I’m a bit over the stripes but when I saw the gold pocket on this one, I had to have it.

Pinterest Pin

breton top | jeans | ankle boots

These boots. I just love them so much. And this outfit was one of the first that I had to recreate. So simple, so stylish.

Pinterest Pin

polo neck | jeans | boots

I don’t have any boobs so I’m not sure what’s happened in this photo. But Kate Moss had me with this one and it was a super comfy look today in the miserable rain. I don’t actually have these Zara boots yet. But only because they didn’t have them in my size when I shopped last weekend. They are beautiful. But not leather, if that’s important to you.

Pinterest Pin

jeans | boots | turtle neck

Let me know what you think…