New year, new start and all that..

French icy countryside, Happy New Year

..she says on the 8th of January.

I’ve seen so many memes with words to the effect of “I’m fabulous already, why would I need to make any resolutions” which I’d love to channel, but we all know that I’m not so great and that I probably do need to make a few lifestyle changes.

Nothing major but tweaks here and there.

Looking back at last year’s post I didn’t hugely deliver but I don’t count it as a fail either.

  • I didn’t ever finish that book but I read a few others. That’s a win
  • I did basically nothing on my Post Partum Doula Cert but I worked really hard in other areas
  • I didn’t run 2 more marathons but I really did maintain my fitness and most weeks, worked out 5/7 days. That’s far more than I’ve achieved or done in the whole of my prior adult life

This year I’m making it the year of me. 2016 was a dud from start to finish and I spent the majority of the 365 days organising, supporting and facilitating everything my family needed. I spent a lot of time in different doctors’ waiting rooms, driving to hospital appointments and worrying about everyone else’s health. It was physically and mentally draining and I was so ready for the year to be over. From about July onwards.

I’m being quietly optimistic about 2017.

  • We’ve got a few travel plans on the cards but nothing like the end of last year where we caned it and spent, what felt like, every weekend away. Fun, but tiring. I’m taking the plunge by going away on weekends by myself rather than dragging 2 children on yet another city break
  • I’m working back in the Recruitment world and it feels like putting on a pair of very old, forgotten, but loved slippers. It’s my happy place and where I had my career success pre Germany/children
  • After a terrible time at Christmas where I made myself very unwell, I’m back on the nourishing my body with food and water rather than punishing it with alcohol and sugar. And that feels better every day
  • I’m saying no far more than I’m saying yes to invitations, and keeping it low key for a while

I’m sure when I revisit this in about 6 weeks it’ll all have gone to pot but for now it’s intentional and considered. I bought a beautiful Erin Condren life planner to manage myself in 2017 and despite what I’ve said above, look at January. It kind of makes me feel a little bit sick already. I probably need to send myself the memo I’ve written out above!

Happy New Year!


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