Fake it til you make it

It's all about the base make-up

…and I’ve never really made it so I’ve been faking it for a while now.

I’m a week and a half in to being a real working at home person. My January is hideously packed with meetings and appointments to try and lay down the rest of the year. And today was the busiest of all with a calendar that had back to back slots blocked out.

And then this morning, after I worked out, fed everyone breakfast, washed, dressed, slapped on a healthy inch of make-up, Joseph vomited. Like violently exploded his guts all over my real wood floor.

So I made a load of phone calls, sent a few messages, took Emmie to school (which if I haven’t harped on enough about, is an hour round-trip), made 2 cups of coffee and sat down at my laptop and invoked the old plot change adage.

Even though I’m drinking 3.75 litres (1 gallon) of water daily, exercising at least 5 times per week, taking all my supplements, downing a daily shot of apple cider vinegar and eating very well, I still have a consistent and damn right debilitating pain running from my eyeball to the back of my neck.

Stress? Probably. Do I want to admit that? Hell no.

Instead I fake wellness with my face. I’ve been following a friendly, kind and informative FB page called MrsGloss&TheGoss. Take a look. It has an abundance of lovely ladies giving super make-up tips and advice. As well as hitting up my MUA pal Lyndsey for the best ways to hide the dark circles.

And these are the products I’ve been using:

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow My Mum bought me this for Christmas because Claudia Winkleman loves it. It adds a little sparkle and shine to my face to give me an instant pick me up.

Bobbi Brown Corrector. This is hugely essential if you have hereditary or just plain old bad dark circles. It neutralises the darkness and acts as a base for concealer. I will never ever be without this again. There are 21 shades so find the absolute right one for you.

I have 2 concealers. I use them interchangeably, or sometimes if I’m feeling utterly exhausted they both come out to play. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Benefit Erase Paste. Lyndsey recommended the NARS as well as the Bobbi Brown and the Erase Paste seems to be a firm favourite with lots of people everywhere.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer. I’m new to the world of Bronzers, having favoured blusher for about a decade so went with a cheap one initially. It does the job and adds a touch of colour to my pale insipid cheeks. But maybe next time I’ll go with the darker shade. It’s subtle.

And finally the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand. I wear this when I really need a bit of a pick me up. It’s a glow without glitter. Because I already have enough of that with the Wonder Glow.

These really work for me, so I thought I’d share. Especially the Bobbi Brown and NARS combo. They’re on my always and forever make-up bag essentials list!

The Two Saving Sisters, Lucy