About the Blog and the Sisters


As of January 2016, The Two Saving Sisters is over a year old. And a lot has changed on it during this time.

Our initial motivation was to identify the online offers, deals and sales from the High Street and to share them in one place for our friends and family.

Over the course of 2015 we realised that we had more to say, more to offer and more that we wanted to write. We found recipes that we wanted to share, tips that we wanted to tell others about and talk more about our lives because we thought that our epic fails would make people laugh.

That’s how this current version of the blog came about. A kind of hybrid lifestyle – parenting resource with other bits thrown in when we fancy it.


Lucy and Amy are The Two Saving Sisters with two very different lives in Germany and England.

Their common interests are traveling, trying not to spend money, being creative at home and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. As a result of those shared activities this Blog was born. Β They wanted a one-stop shop to identify where everyday savings could be made for the whole family, a forum to host their tried and tested recipes and creations, and an outlet to update friends near and far on their comings and goings.

Between them they have four children; two boys and two girls and two houses full of every type of pre-schooler and baby paraphenalia. Amy is nearly at the end of a long-term, full house renovation and has huge experience of everything that accompanies living in a building site for more years than desired! Lucy keeps herself busy working as a Lactation Counselor, studying to be a Certified Post Partum Doula and recording audio books for Audible.