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Have you ever driven 1000 miles on your own? For a weekend? With two children?

I really didn’t think it through.

Earlier this year, my university girls started making their annual plans to get together with all the families for a weekend in the summer. I never make it because I just live so far away. Add in the fact that it’s a lot of money and a huge amount of traveling for just 2 short days and I’ve always sadly declined. And then felt so left out the weekend that they were all together.

1000 MILES 4

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My thoughts from Philly

I’ve been in Philadelphia on my own for a few days on a personal admin adventure. That sounds fairly glamorous and the trip has actually been pretty incredible.

06-15 Philadelphia 1
The cracked Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence
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Things I’ve learnt on long car journeys with kids

15-06 car travel 0

Last weekend we spent nigh on 15 hours in the car over three days. That’s a long time. Especially when your traveling companions really don’t want to be there. It got me thinking and I realised the following…